“2014 Comerica Bank / Los Angeles Lakers Women’s Business Awards Honoree, Women of Entrepreneurship”

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Navigating You to Safe Harbors

Tamara L. Harper, Esq. Navigating entrepreneurs, inventors and small to mid-size companies in the green energy, real estate, bio-tech, restaurant, e-commerce, retail, and service industries to safe harbors through the maze of employment regulations, corporate formation, compliance and commercial leasing, real estate and civil litigation, trademark registration and defense, business sale or acquisition, and investor capitalization, asset protection, business legacy planning, probate matters, estate planning and trust administration.

Just as a sailor requires a compass or sextant to navigate the sea, you need to assemble an effective crew with a strong captain to prepare a map to chart the waters ahead of you. Tamara L. Harper, Esq. charts the waters giving peace of mind to business entrepreneurs and inventors who desire to protect their assets, ideas and wealth by showing how to limit liability exposure, register and protect intellectual property and sail the seas in a proactive manner to be in the best possible position to weather the storms ahead.

As an attorney with over two decades of litigation experience in state, federal, appellate and district courts and before the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appellate Board, Ms. Harper charts the maps of the waters and currents her clients need to sail to bring them safely home to their particular harbor by using this experience in her negotiations, drafting transactional documents and estate planning in order to limit liability exposure, protect assets, be proactive and maximize client wealth using her unique knowledge and skills.

Her practice is as eclectic as her clients are unique. “My first corporate legal job was keeping the CEO of a major national company out of trouble by being proactive. I took stock of all his assets owned, including corporations, leases, and intellectual property by creating databases with pertinent corporate, intellectual property and commercial leasing information. I made sure corporate deadlines were met, lease action items completed and trademark registrations completed in many countries as well as domestically. The opportunity to create corporate compliance and governance as well as copyright compliance manuals, negotiate commercial leases around the U.S. and work with so many countries in IP registration was invaluable. My second corporate legal job was keeping the COO of a major U.S. employment leasing company out of trouble and involved eclectic experiences from negotiating cattle contracts, purchasing small planes, developing shopping centers, airplane hangar rentals and pilot contracts to ERISA compliance. My entire career has evolved around business owners, entrepreneurs, doctors and inventors and navigating them through the business opportunities that frequently come in with a storm or gently roll in with the currents. I enjoy working with my clients on a proactive basis ensuring compliance in the areas that require such and defending in the event of litigation. I enjoy the dynamic of multiple matter representation and representing clients throughout their lifetime as their counsel. Such representation lends itself to greater asset protection.”

Tamara L. Harper, Esquire is located on the border of Los Angeles and Ventura counties and serves clients throughout Southern California and the Central Coast.