Tamara L. Harper is a highly skilled, highly experienced attorney.

For over two decades, business attorney Tamara L. Harper has been representing entrepreneurs, inventors, and the Ventura County and Los Angeles County business community at large, helping them to navigate the highly complex world of business law.  A highly experienced trial lawyer in matters of civil litigation, estate planning, corporate legal matters, employment law and just about anything involving a legal contract, Attorney Tamara Harper brings the highest level of professionalism to the clients she serves.



Tamara Harper is a lawyer that understands Business Law.      

  • Ms. Harper is admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. District Court 9th Circuit and the California Supreme Court.
  • She practices before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.
  • She is a member of the Ventura and Los Angeles County Bar Associations, Intellectual Property and Estate Planning Sections of the State Bar of California.
  • She also counsels business entrepreneurs on intellectual property registration, protection and licensing, corporate governance and compliance, asset protection and legacy planning.

Navigating and charting a map of the waters and currents you need to sail to bring you safely home to your particular harbor.

Legal Advice

Ventura County Attorney Tamara Harper specializes in helping business entrepreneurs, inventors and small to mid-size businesses preserve, protect and maximize their wealth and assets.  By bringing her creative ideas and years of litigation experience to the charting table, she is able to advise in the formation and development stages of a new business.

Her legal expertise is invaluable as she creates transactional documents such as buy-sell agreements, stock option plans, employee handbooks, executive compensation agreements, trademark licensing, registration and protection as well as employee agreements and contracts.

Wealth Preservation

From her Law Office in Westlake Village Tamara makes herself available to her clients by continuing to work as corporate counsel after the formation of the new business entity or purchase.

Tamara works diligently to preserve her client’s wealth and assets through her legal knowledge and experience in matters such as, corporate governance, compliance, employment disputes and concerns, employment regulation and policy advice, trademark policing and  monitoring that will help her clients to navigate the legal waters ahead.

Her company site inspection program and intellectual property audits provide clients with a proactive approach to asset protection and corporate management.

Asset Protection

Lawyer Tamara Harper brings her unique and combined extensive litigation experience of knowing what can go wrong and what is frequently disputed, to the drafting of business contracts, intellectual property registration and defense, estate and legacy planning, in order to achieve a better scope of liability protection. Protecting the assets her clients have worked so hard to achieve is her primary goal.

Tamara provides options to her clients to help them maximize their wealth. Coupled with her practice as a seasoned trial attorney, Tamara is able to anticipate problematic areas that she has personally litigated to better help her clients limit their liability exposure and provide them with peace of mind.

Strategic Partnerships

Our Strategic Referral Partnership program allows clients to work with an established team that can assist you in reaching your objectives.  Collaborative advice provides clients with a competitive advantage in an economically challenging market.

Partnerships have been created with Patent Counsel, Bankruptcy Counsel, Real Estate Litigation Counsel, and Criminal Defense Counsel as well as with Forensic Accountants, CPA’s, Registered Investment Advisor and Life Insurance Agent that allow you to work with an established and trusted team to accomplish your objectives.

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