Table of Contents

Article I:Purpose
Article II:Duties and Responsibilities
Section A: Primary Responsibilities
Section B: Financial Structure
Section C: Policies, Objectives and Plans
Section D: Management
Section E: Controls
Section F: Employee Relations
Section G: Working Relationships
Section H: Standards of Performance
Section I: Expertise

Article I: Purpose

The Board of Directors is a supervisory body consisting of a set number of members which are defined in the Bylaws. The Board is to passon or review major decisions, to designate and remove the Chief Executive Officer, to watch out for signs of dishonesty in the top executives, and to correct incompetence or error on the part of the full-time management.

The Board should further provide direction of quality and nature to the total affairs of the business that will ensure the development and growth of the company in products, services, and in financial results.

In addition, provisions for the continuity of management of the quality and depth required to attain the objectives and serve the purpose of the business should be made by the Board.

Lastly, the Board serves as trustees for the investment of the stockholders, serves as the broad policy-setting body of the corporation, and as selectors of and advisors to the general management of the company.

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