I enjoy helping business entrepreneurs, inventors, and small to mid-size businesses preserve, protect and maximize their wealth and assets and explaining how to never experience the painful process of employment litigation, limit liability exposure, and have peace of mind.

I advise in early stage business development and formation through capital raising and legacy planning. I complete transactional work such as buy sell agreements, stock option plans, employee handbooks, executive compensation agreements, trademark licensing, registration and protection, employee agreements and contracts and bring my creative ideas and litigation experience to the charting table.

I preserve your wealth and assets by continuing to work as your corporate counsel after the formation of the new business entity or purchase, and make myself available to you for corporate governance, compliance, employment disputes and concerns, employment regulation and policy advice, trademark policing and monitoring and feel that I know you best since I have been with you from the start and can assist you with audits and investigations. Let me show you how to be proactive and not reactive through my company site inspection program and intellectual property audit.

Protecting assets that you have worked so hard to achieve is my primary concern. I bring my unique and combined extensive litigation experience of knowing what can go wrong and what is frequently disputed to the drafting of business contracts, intellectual property registration and defense, estate and legacy planning in order to achieve a better scope of liability protection.

I will discuss with you various options in order to allow you to maximize your wealth. Coupled with my practice as a seasoned trial attorney, I anticipate problematic areas that I have litigated and will work with you to be proactive and show you how to never experience the painful process of litigation by limiting your liability exposure and providing you with peace of mind.

Strategic Referral Partnerships have been created with Patent Counsel, Bankruptcy Counsel, Real Estate Litigation Counsel, and Criminal Defense Counsel as well as with Forensic Accountants, CPA’s, Registered Investment Advisor and Life Insurance Agent that allow you to work with an established team that can accomplish all of your objectives or be there for you in your time of need and whom I not only work with on current matters and cases, but to whom I refer to and that you can rely on. All have a proven track record with me. In this challenging economic market, risk management and control is key, formulating the right estate planning and trust is essential, and a collaborative, insightful and comprehensive multi-professional crew is recommended. I have already built the “Know, Like and Trust” factors with these professionals. Collaborative advice is your competitive advantage.

“It is the set of sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.” Jim Rohn

While you can’t change the direction of the wind, you can adjust your sails to reach your destination. I look forward to navigating you to your safe harbor.