Employment Law


  • Advising employers regarding hiring, employment contracts, compensation, discipline termination matters and workers’ compensation matters.
  • Assisting employers in the design, drafting, modification and implementation of personnel policies and employee manuals and handbooks; performance of personnel policy audits.
  • Guiding employers in connection with all aspects of wage and hour compliance and the defense of government wage and hour audits including representation in administrative hearings and audits before the US Attorneys Office; Department of Labor; and Unemployment Appeals Hearings.
  • Advising clients regarding the legal and practical issues relating to drug and alcohol testing, lie detector examinations and honesty tests.
  • Informing employers regarding privacy issues in the work place, employer responsibilities relating to the content of and access to personnel files and legal concerns emanating from employee investigations.
  • Advising employers concerning labor issues relating to layoffs, sales, mergers, acquisitions, relocations, reorganizations and business closings.
  • Advising employers on leaves of absence, including family and medical leaves, workers’ compensation leaves, alcohol and drug rehabilitation leaves, and leaves necessitated by pregnancy-related disabilities.
  • Review and preparation of human resource and injury prevention policies and procedures.

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