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Just as a sailor requires a compass or sextant to navigate the sea, you need to assemble an effective crew with a strong captain to prepare a map to chart the waters ahead of you. Tamara L. Harper, Esq. charts the waters giving peace of mind to business entrepreneurs and inventors who desire to protect their assets, ideas and wealth by showing how to limit liability exposure, register and protect intellectual property and sail the seas in a proactive manner to be in the best possible position to weather the storms ahead.

Ms. Harper’s experience includes eclectic and extensive work with over twenty-five years as a trial attorney in the areas of business law, copyright and trademark law, estate planning, probate, employment law, administrative hearings, domestic violence prosecution, civil and family law litigation.

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Tamara Harper provides the kind of tenacious representation you want on your side.

In-House legal counsel

Prior to entering private practice, Ms. Harper served as Director of Corporate Compliance and Commercial Leasing, as well as manager of trademarks, both domestic and international, and copyright compliance, for Kinko’s Service Corporation, Inc., now FedEx Corporation. She also served as in-house corporate counsel to one of California’s largest labor staffing corporations focusing upon employment law, ERISA regulations, EEOC compliance and business contracts.

Litigation and trial counsel

Tamara Harper has extensive experience in all aspects of litigation in state and federal courts, administrative hearings, appeals, arbitrations, mediations and the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. As a previous general partner and managing a firm with four offices in two counties with a staff of fifteen, she has conducted trials and hearings in the California Superior Court, Appellate and District Courts calling both Ventura and Los Angeles her home courts.  Ms. Harper also has experience in litigation before the Santa Barbara Superior Court while serving as counsel and associate attorney to Santa Barbara corporations and a Santa Barbara law firm. Ms. Harper has also civilly prosecuted perpetrators of domestic violence through a Department of Justice grant under the Violence Against Women Act protecting victims of domestic abuse.

Proactive Legal advice

Tamara Harper’s legal practice emphasizes advising clients proactively on all aspects of employment law issues, including executive compensation contracts, stock option plans, officer and director liability, wage and hour and overtime compliance, employment handbooks, and investigations and audits. She also advises business entrepreneurs on intellectual property registration, protection and licensing, corporate governance and compliance, asset protection and legacy planning.

Client Testimonials

Tamara Harper is an excellent attorney with a profound understanding of various fields of law. I have worked with Tamara over the course of many years, both as a colleague and in connection with specific collaborative projects, and have always found her to be motivated, knowledgeable, deadline-oriented, and a creative problem-solver displaying excellent legal skills. Tamara is highly personable, creating and maintaining strong relationships with her clients and colleagues, alike. I would highly recommend Tamara for both litigation and transactional legal matters. Elizabeth Linford

Attorney specializing in intellectual property matters, Ladas & Parry LLP

I have worked with a lot of attorneys over the years, but never have I worked with an attorney as exceptional as Tamara. Her knowledge is amazing, but equally amazing is her wonderful interpersonal skills. I think it goes without saying that most attorneys possess great knowledge in their area of expertise. Where Tamara far exceeds others in her profession, is her ability to communicate and respond promptly while treating her clients with the utmost of respect. Most attorneys are slow to respond to emails or phone calls. Tamara does so immediately. She’s a “hands-on” attorney who gets things done quickly. In addition, she is an “out of the box” thinker with outstanding creativity. I simply cannot say enough about Tamara. I am truly blessed to have her representing my company. Scott Merrin

President, Silent Partners Inc.

Having only known Tamara for nine months, I really appreciate how comfortable I feel confiding in her either professionally or personally. From the first time I spoke to her (She dropped everything and came to the phone the first time I called). I felt at ease and knew that she could get the job done. She has played an integral role in keeping my company compliant with California labor and ABC laws, not to mention the numerous trademark-related matters for which we originally hired her. She is now our company’s corporate counsel, and we trust her implicitly. Doing business in California is not a cakewalk, and we could not do it without Tamara Harper’s help. Danielle R. Jacaman

Manager, Jacaman Estate Wines, LLC

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