Business Protection

Business Formation

Tamara L. Harper, APC offers a number of business formation options. Choosing the right business structure is vital to the success of the business and to the financial security of those involved in the business.  We can help you determine which entity is best for your needs and help you comply with the yearly entity governance. 

  • We help business entrepreneurs to avoid wasting time and money organizing business entities. We assist our clients to select the most cost effective business entity that best suits their particular needs. We help business entrepreneurs to avoid wasting time and money organizing business entities. She assists her clients choose the most cost effective business entity that best suits their particular needs.
  • Advise clients on the best jurisdictions to organize their business. Should you organize in California, Delaware or Nevada? We help clients organize their business in the jurisdiction that makes the most sense for them. If you organize in the wrong state, you will likely pay more money than necessary to organize your business.
  • Create agreements between partners and founding stockholders, including operating agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and buy-sell agreements. We help business partners identify their roles and define responsibilities before going into business, and then articulate their understandings in a written agreement. By entering into a good agreement in the beginning, partners will save substantial amounts of money in legal fees should things turn sour later on.
  • Prepare bylaws, minutes, shareholder and board of director minutes, resolutions, transfer ledgers and issue stock certificates. Disorganized and old corporate records can stall or even kill a deal that involves any kind of transaction involving bankers, brokers, institutional investors or a person with any level of financial sophistication. We ensure that your corporate governance and other records will be kept current and organized, ensuring annual filings on a timely basis to keep your corporate entity in good standing.
  • Introduce clients to accounting, tax, PR, marketing, branding, Web development and business planning advisors and professionals. Through her strategic referral partnerships, we can help your business grow by referring you to pre-screened and trusted professionals that will add value to your business.

Business Law & Contracts

  • Formation of Business Entities
  • Business Conversions
  • Voluntary Business Dissolution
  • Capital raising (Private Placement Memorandum and SEC registration)
  • Business Contract Formation, Review and Negotiation
  • Commercial Lease Contracts
  • Breach of Contract Issues
  • Business Litigation
  • Collections
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Employee Stock Option Plans and other equity compensation agreements

Employment & Corporate Compliance

  • Advising employers in hiring, employment contracts, compensation, discipline termination and worker’s compensation concerns. 
  • Design, drafting and implementation of personnel policies and employee manuals and handbooks; performance of personal policy audits.
  • Guides employers in wage and hour compliance.
  • Advising clients on the legal and practical issues relating to drug and alcohol testing, lie detector examinations and honesty tests.
  • Informing employers regarding privacy issues in the workplace, employer responsibilities related to the content of and access to personnel files and legal concerns emanating from employee investigations.
  • Advising employers concerning labor issues relating to layoffs, sales, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, relocations and business closings.

Buying and Selling Businesses

  • Business Sales (Asset Purchase and Stock Purchase Agreements)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Due diligence, Letters of Intent
  • Entity Conversions

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