Estate Planning

Why a basic Will is not enough.

Attorney Tamara Harper provides her clients with a variety of tools from which to construct an estate plan, including wills, life insurance and trusts.

Properly executed wills are the foundation of a solid estate plan because they designate how and to whom your property will be distributed after death.

If you don’t have a will, you give up your right to distribute your property as you wish. Assets owned jointly or that have beneficiary designations, such as life insurance, annuities, or retirement accounts, are not controlled by your will. However, they are included in your taxable estate.  It is important to discuss these tools with your tax advisors.

Wills are not only for the rich.  Wills are the primary documents for transferring wealth upon death.  If you die without one, state law controls the disposition of your property.

In addition, without a will, settling most estates can be more troublesome-and more costly- for beneficiaries.

Three major provisions you should consider including in a Will are:

Guardian for Your Children

A Will should name a guardian for minor children in the event that both you and your spouse die.  Selecting a guardian requires careful thought; be sure the person you elect is willing and able to accept the responsibility.

Creation of Trusts

A will directs the disposition of your estate.  To accomplish longer-term goals, such as funding a child’s education or providing for an elderly parent, you may need to include instruction for the creation of trusts at your death.

Naming an Executor

Your executor is your personal representative after your death.  He or she has several major responsibilities, including administering the estate and distributing assets to beneficiaries; making certain tax decisions; paying debts/expenses of your estate; ensuring all life insurance and retirement plan benefits are received; and filing necessary tax returns and paying the appropriate federal and state taxes.


Asset Protection

It has taken you years of hard work, planning and sacrifice to build the assets you now possess.  Secure those assets for your family through proper estate planning. Tamara Harper has extensive experience in guiding clients through the estate planning process.

Review Annually

It is important to conduct an annual review of your Will, Trusts and other Estate Planning documents as major life changes such as deaths, births, divorce and inheritance can all trigger a change to your estate planning.

Collaborative Planning

Investment strategies may change as you move closer to retirement age.  A key to proactive and effective retirement planning is achieved through the meeting of you, your CPA, financial advisor and estate planning attorney.

Life Insurance

One of the main reasons people buy life insurance in the first place is to create an estate.  The proceeds from a life insurance policy create instant liquidity when someone dies, eliminating the need to hastily liquidate other assets in order to pay estate taxes

Tamara Harper’s Estate Planning Resource Center

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Key Factors to Consider

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